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How to block websites with the best temporary internet and web blocker. Block sites now and enjoy freedom and self control to write and study.

How to use Stop Procrastinating

Set the amount of time you'd like to be internet-free, then choose one of three options that works best for you:

  • Block the internet, but reboot if you want to get back online.
  • Block the internet, but prevent internet access even if you reboot. You'll get back online once your time is up.
  • Stay connected, but filter out the most distracting websites, social media sites and email accounts.
researchBlock sites with psychology

Stop Procrastinating is the only productivity tool combining psychology with technology. It gives you the option to set goals to achieve while disconnected from the internet. Goal setting is hard wired into the brain, so you’re more likely to reach them if you write them down. Research has shown that it’s the best software if you want to know how to block websites and get things done!

studentsWebsite blocker for studying

Students cut the internet and block websites, giving them the freedom to study without distraction.

writersHow to block websites for writers

Writers can set daily writing goals, then disconnect the internet when they write, or filter distracting websites when they stay connected.

children Internet blocker for homework

Young people love using Stop Procrastinating to block and filter websites and social media sites when they do their homework. It helps them control their own internet use, encouraging responsibility and self-control. It’s an effective parental control with a difference. Research shows that young people are more likely to cut digital distractions if they do it themselves.