Block Websites

Posted By Test 4 03 Jan 2015

Stop Procrastinating was found to be the most reliable product to block websites and block sites for those people who needed to prevent access to the internet or filter out certain websites. A research study in United States found it was effective at blocking websites such as Facebook and other websites. Those who said they needed to filter out specific websites but keep an internet connection stated that downloading Stop Procrastinating was an effective solution.

Block sites

Today people want to block sites for a range of reasons. Many parents are looking for ways to help their children study by cutting internet access. A recent study found that parents looking for a way to stop children looking at the web found that 60% of parents were worried that the internet distracted their children from finishing homework if left without a means to filter out the most distracting websites or block it entirely when they didn’t need it for research.

Children and the internet

The survey showed that the internet is both an aid and a distraction to homework. Most children now rely on the internet for research and for completing their homework. Yet many are being distracted by it so they either don’t do the work as well as they can or are taking longer over it. Parents also feel that using a parental control that blocks the internet when their children are doing their homework is breaking down trust in their relationship. They feel that they want to encourage their children to help themselves to block the internet for their own benefit rather than because their parents are telling them too. They believe that this will help them to develop more self control and better internet habits. Parents and children are turning to Stop Procrastinating because it is an accessible and easy-to-use software. Children are able to set how long they want to block the internet or a social networking site.

What do you block

Many people are now also looking to find out how to block porn websites. Research shows that it can not only lower productivity levels, but also impact on the quality of relationships, reduce brain and make you unhappy.