December most distracting month online

Posted By Stephen Bennett 09 Feb 2015

A study of 3000 people in the USA has found that December is the month when people are most distracted by browsing the internet at work.

Black Friday most distracting day

The survey undertaken by Stop Procrastinating, the leading website blocker, found that 74% of people admitted that a combination of black Friday and Christmas online shopping meant they spent hours browsing the internet instead of working.Black Friday was the single most distracting day with 35% saying they spent more than four hours browsing the internet at work. A further 17% said that they had pages open looking like they were working when they weren’t. 10% said that they used their smart phone in the office toilet to make a Black Friday online purchase.

Week before Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, 37% said they spent more than five hours a week searching online at work for presents for family and friends. Another 24% admitted that they used lunch breaks to search online rather than shop at local shops that they could walk to.

Christmas Day on the internet

Christmas Day and Boxing Day also saw hours spent online searching for deals in the sales. 23% of people who said they avoid the Boxing Day sales were tempting online this year to browse the sales from the comfort of their own home.33% said they felt they shopped online more this year than last. 21% said they shopped the same amount of time.

Holiday season

Compared with the rest of the year, only February and March caused distraction at work with people searching for holidays for the summer. Some 32% of people said they used these months to book their summer holiday.