Using the best productivity software:

When you launch Stop Procrastinating, choose how long you want to disconnect from the internet or filter websites. Then pick one of three options to disconnect the internet or filter web and social media sites and emails:

Cut the internet connection with option 1 or 2:


You choose how long you want to disconnect from the internet. The only way you will be able to get back online is by restarting your computer. The hassle of rebooting is often all you’ll need to concentrate on the task in hand.


You’ll also be given the option to prevent access to the internet even when you restart your computer. This is for those needing an extra shot of discipline. No matter what, you won’t be able to get back online until the time you’ve disconnected from the internet is over. There’s no ifs, no buts, and you’ll definitely finish your work.

Option 3 allows you to stay connected but filter out the most distracting sites, social media and email:


Click option 3 to input a list of sites and email hosts that want to prevent access to. It allows you to cut access to social media sites as well. Click on the black list button which appears after you’ve clicked option 3. Input sites as facebook.com or twitter.com without the prefix ‘http://www’. Also input email hosts as gmail.com or yahoo.com. Ensure you have closed down all browsers and email clients before inputting this information into the black list and pressing okay. This option is great for staying connected but blocking distracting websites, such as Facebook, which studies show is highly addictive.

Writing down your goals:

Research shows that writing down your work goals helps you to achieve them. That’s why Stop Procrastinating gives you the option to do this before you block the internet, making it the most effective productivity software on the market today. You don’t have to, you can simply use one of the three options to disconnect from the internet without writing anything down. But if you want to concentrate more, give it a go. You might be surprised to find it helps you to focus your mind on what you want to achieve.

About Us

Stop Procrastinating was set up by a team of programmers and freelance writers. We were brilliant at motivating ourselves for years, but then came the internet. We began to find that we lost precious hours being distracted by the web. We looked around for a product to help us through this, but couldn’t find one that met our needs. So we designed Stop Procrastinating. We use it ourselves every day and love it! Like us, we hope Stop Procrastinating helps you to become more productive without distraction from the internet. We hope you enjoy using it and it brings you success. We’d love to hear from you, so if you have any suggestions or want to tell us how it helped you to write your first novel or play, or finish a work report, drop us a line.
Please email us at support@stopprocrastinatingapp.com